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Web 2.0 has flourished unchallenged, thanks to a rapid advancement of different social media platforms. Today, almost all businesses, from small to large scale, are exploiting social media to reap the imminent benefits. Unfortunately, many Bangladeshi companies are still falling behind this trend to improve and bring dynamism to their marketing structure; as a result, they have been missing the opportunity to earn an edge big time. Taking advantage of this, their competitors are, however, setting up a monopoly and keeping the bigger share of profit pie allotted for them. To change this trend, and to involve all the businesses with an affordable and effective structure, Level11 Corp has been working relentlessly to provide relevant social media marketing services in Bangladesh. As a pioneer in this field, in the Bangladeshi market, they have come as a new hope for those who are distraught not knowing how to overcome the obstacles pertaining to social media marketing.

Level11 Corp has an in-house team of experts specialized in different sides of social media marketing services in BD, who can help you get back on track without having to compromise any of the characteristics you want to retain. Their experts will advise for your business in a foolproof manner covering ins and outs – and that is also in a productive way.


CLIENT NAME: Easy Shopping BD


  • Organic Reach increased 120 to 3500+ on average per post.
  • Revenue growth exceeds traffic growth
  • E-commerce conversion ratio increased by 11%
  • Paid advertisement’s cost per result decreased as low as $.001.



339,476 REACH

with 106,835 post click with this specific ad
The average cost per result was $.001 with 10.36% result rate which is quite high!

This Startup company (Easy Shopping BD) provides complete E-Commerce fashion solution in Bangladesh. Level11Corp was approached to assist this company to achieve significant traffic source from social media and increase revenue by using social media.

We suggested them to start with our basic SMM & CONTENT MARKETING plan and than gradually upgrade their plan to achieve more success Social media. We started with their Facebook & Instagram.

For them our main target was to start with paid advertisement for post, video & other contents. After achieving a smart fan base we were planned to engage the fan base and secure organic growth. We planned to decrease their advertisement cost over time through killer content marketing strategy so that the CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) drop over time.

As you will see from the above outcome list, the outcomes have exceeded their expectations and the now they are upgrading to our Mid-Level SMM & Advertisement plan to achieve even more success on facebook & Instagram.




In the recent years, we are detecting a rapid change in the social marketing strategy all over the world. In the world of internet there is no country, no fixed people. So, it’s up to you to live up to that expectation that can only be achieved when you pull the right strings. Level11 Corp has been able to do something better from this perspective by building a set of SMM services in Dhaka, the most competitive city for business in Bangladesh.


Moreover, you would be surprised to know that almost all kinds of businesses today have adapted to this social trend, which includes people directly and lets them be the vehicle to advance a business goals. So, this is high time for you and your business to take the next step towards achieving a unified approach based on social media to manipulate every available opportunity. Until and unless you harken to this call of the time, your marketing strategy will remain incomplete and exposed to overwhelming competition. To get over this deficiency, you may consider contacting a fully prepared social media solution provider like Level11 Corp.