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More or less we all are familiar with the ongoing theme of social media management at business or personal level. But actually, what is social media management? In the simplest term, it is a trustworthy and professional monitoring of an organization or individual’s social media efforts – which also involves measuring, filtering, and contributing as required. This management funnel is a part and parcel of any brand. A brand cannot be established as a market leader unless the importance of social media management has been given the due priority. Yes, you can go on and on with your social media strategy, but, unless, a ‘CLICK’ is yet to come it would not do any visible good.


Facebook Management

Under Facebook Management, we manage interactions with customers through inbox queries, comment replies & mentions. It’s a type of support system that will increase your conversion rate in a significant amount.

Instagram Management

Instagram is the holy ground of youths. And youths are tend to be bit impulsive. They demand fast responses from businesses. And that’s what businesses should provide them. Under this service category Level 11 Corp manages replies, comments, interactions in lightning speed so that your customers doesn’t start poking to your competitors.

Website Live Chat Support

Communication is the key to customer satisfaction. It derives sales for your business. In context to Bangladesh and many more first world country like USA, UK, AUSTRALIA website live chat support is the one of the key metric to create huge difference. Under the Social Media Management service Level 11 Corp provide your customers the best experience for online live chat support system. We have support team to provide live chat support to your customers from 9 AM- 5PM & 7PM – 12 AM.

Big firms or corporations are well-aware of this catch and they have so far done a valiant job lending the task of social media management in the hands of the experts. They have been collaborating with the top agencies known for social media management services over the years and bagging success aplenty. Level11 Corp, on its part, strategizes and implements a unified and unique social media management outline depending on a business’s nature.

Unless managed properly, all your efforts may be a huge blunder. It, at best, will cost you valuable time and money. This is where you can seek for some help from someone expert. You would be happy to know that Level11 Corp has over the years developed a team of worthy professionals who are willing to accompany you in your journey to make it to the top.

More importantly, when you are able to orchestrate a social media management strategy keeping in mind long-term needs you can get adapted to changes in the market almost instantly. That is where an opportunity to be well-ahead of your competitors lies. So, the importance of social media management shall be given the amount of focus it asks for.