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In the realm of 21st Century, the world has turned to virtual than the real where the people subconsciously search for a lost ball point pen through search engine; and the search engines are smarter enough to come up with some more attractive results. So, it is not quite surprising that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the Master of Puppets behind the extraordinary results that controls the game of business online.

“What is SEO?”

SEO functions to boost the rank up of any website to the top while it’s been searched. It is highly recommended to create a unique influence on your website to rank up thus any type of users, amateur or professional, may reach instantly to you while seeking for your service.

While in other countries SEO & Ranking factors are already saturated with millions of people fighting over the position on google, In Bangladesh businesses just started to get in this type of marketing. No doubt, It is an era of online marketing where a business product must be in touch under the mouse pointer of customers. Though there are other online Medias through where you can reach to your desired customers but Google is where you will win the game in BIG terms. Without SEO it is really tough and, in some cases, impossible to pass the news of business products through Google until you hire a South Asian superstar like Rajanikant to advertise your business.

No doubt, there are many SEO companies in Dhaka as well as in Bangladesh, it is the clients’ mastermind to pick the best one for his/her purpose.

Level 11 Corp have been serving proudly for a long time as one of the best SEO companies in Dhaka. We possess some unique qualities to jump up your websites for reaching top of the rank on Google search.

There are some special algorithms which are often invisible and incomprehensible which we use to optimize your site that uniqueness makes us one of the best SEO service provider in Dhaka as well as Bangladesh.

Level 11 Corp, is always high up there to provide you the best SEO service to rise up your site and keep pulling the strings behind thus your site may get a stable position on top. Being one of the best SEO companies in Bangladesh, our main objective is to accompany the clients throughout the campaign and to do long term business. No matter if you’re just a new Start-up in Bangladesh or an established corporate business in Bangladesh, we value & care same. The ONE thing matter to us is RESULT. We’ve a highly professional team who is committed to you for providing the best SEO service in Dhaka as well as entire Bangladesh in a reasonable cost thus your website may represent itself on the top rank.

Level11Corp wants you to win the game in long run. With proper guideline & strategy execution make sure you win it big time.

So if you’re already thinking to go with us for your website SEO or not, We’ll say don’t think too much & check the case study of one of our clients below and schedule a live video meeting with right from your home or office. And then if you believe we are good to go let’s schedule a meeting the over a cup of coffee. Ciao.





  • Traffic growth from 54 to 2000+ users in 3 months
  • Revenue growth exceeds traffic growth
  • E-commerce conversion ratio increased by 11%
  • Average session per visit increased from 35 seconds to 2.56 minutes.
  • 9 Out of 10 keywords are ranked on page #1, 90% Success Rate.


  • Vape Solution


  • E-Commerce


  • SEO Audit
  • SEO Strategy
  • Content Development
  • Google Advertisements

This Startup company (ION BD) provides complete vape solution to the vape enthusiasts in Bangladesh. Level11Corp was approached to assist this company to achieve significant improvement to their google search result and generate revenues from organic google search.

The task started with a SEO Audit where we distinguished some key auxiliary activities that should have been executed and also giving the exploration and examination that shaped the establishment for their SEO Strategy. We suggested them to start with our basic SEO plan and than gradually upgrade their plan to achieve more success online. Within the first quarter we have ranked 9 out of their 10 keywords on #1 position on google.

As you will see from the above outcome list, the outcomes have exceeded their expectations and the now they are upgrading to our Mid-Level SEO plan to achieve even more success on google.


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