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Animation Video Service

Everybody loves watching animation videos. After all what could be more pleasant than watching those exciting figures or slides moving in a watchable way? A 30 second animation video may be proven a thousand times more effective than a thousand word article. Furthermore, in this world of meme and troll it is hard to find someone who would be interested to go over your pieces written over several days, investing several hours. Why bother when you can achieve the same or more by using available animation video service in Bangladesh?

If you are thinking by now that the cost of such a service may prick your budget balloon, then you are utterly wrong. Level 11 Corp has been a market dominator in web animation video service in Dhaka. We have been working with tons of new startup & business who just have launched their business. As much as we understand the budget issue of a new business we also understand the importance of web video animation as content to boost a product or business. So we are startup friendly and we try to keep the price within affordable range. Level 11 Corp boast a team of educated animators in Dhaka. The animators at Level 11 Corp will sit down with you to know the way you want it to be. And based on your expectation and their work plan, a blueprint will be drawn to get final approval from you. Once approved, they will be working on it to get the job done in time.

We're #Startup Friendly

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The importance of video animation for business is more than what you can think of. It is not just another content, it is a voice for your business. And, a magical touch for your business it is, that will let the country know of your products and services in an interesting and exotic way. Today, the major upheavals in the online world are being influenced by content that are short and enjoyable in nature. If you think from that perspective, there is no alternative to showcasing your business through eye catching animation videos. Moreover, it is one of those mediums which are understandable by the audience from every sphere of life.